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If you are among the "missing" - here's how to join:

Find your name, click on it, and it will come up with a button that says [Join here! if this is (your name) please click here.]  That will take you to a quick form to create your log in information.  Fill in the form and go on to the next page to create your profile information.  Below your profile information, please visit the privacy information for YOUR profile only and check which ones you would like.  

If you have never been on this website and are not on the Missing page, then look at the Classmate Profiles page, click on your name, follow the instructions above. If  we have contacted you and you had no way to go on the internet, we may have removed you from the Missing list! 

If you have problems/questions you can either press the "Contact us" at the top of the page or just email us at smnorth1963@gmail.com with your name (maiden name), address, phone, and email address.


Jo Akers
Kathryn M. Asbury
Douglas C. Banker
Laura J Bingham
Kenneth W. Brown
Flem Cheatham
Steven R. Clampitt
Janet S. Collins (McCall)
Orlin K. Coyne
Richard S. Craig
Marsha A. Cress (Bowler)
Linda L. Culbertson (Wuethrich)
Barry L. Davis
L. Raymond Ellis
L. G. Trudy Forbes (Corkill)
Clarance R. Forshay
Carol A. Frey (Hanesworth)
John R. Friley
Margie Garner
Barbara Lee Garnett (Brown)
Grace E. Goodhart (Armstrong)
Mike V. Goodwin
Phyllis L. Howell (Bash)
Mary Sue Hutton (Kelly)
Pennie L. Hutton (Vonachen)
Leslie S. Innis
Martin Elliot Joffe
Charles Darrel Keeley
Jack W. Kenton
Charles L. Klempnauer
James G. Kraai
Sandra L. Lambader (Ryan)
John Steve Lane
Judy D. Lathrop (Farmer)
Jae S. Lee
Gordon W. Litchfield
Thomas L. Lohoefner
Bruce E. Longenecker
Lynnette Star Louden
Tom P. Lovett
James C. Lucas
Judy Lybarger (Gerster)
Robert B. Malkames
Sally Ann Marquette (Purcell)
Don C. Martin
Charles A. Martinson
Cindy Maser (Johnstone)
Carl D. McCurdy
Elaine McDaniel (Upchurch)
Robert B McFadden
Gregory L. McGee
David C. Miller
Douglas H. Miller
Linda J. Miller (Wesley-Brown)
Robert T. Montgomery
Steven E. Mueller
Jim L. Myers
Lenita Myers (Wood)
John C. Newkirk
Diane K. Nicholson (Smith)
Larry D. Orr
Bobi Suzee Parcell (Townsend)
Donna K. Paulson
Ronald C. Peck
Roy R. Perkins
Marilyn Pettie
Richard Pressler
Randy H. Reitz
Floyd I. Reynolds
Gary J. Richmond
Barbara J. Rider (McInturff)
William J. Riley
Steve C. Rodemyer
Ronald E. Roebuck
Stella L. Rogers
Ronald W. Rust
Mark E. Schilling
Michael S. Shapiro
Carol D. Shoop (Stinson)
Dick Siebs
Gloria J. Starling (Sheridan)
William L. Stolp
Alford E. Strohm
Robert L. Swarts
Jerry L. Swinehart
Sharon Tankersley (Fiola)
Sandra K. Teter (Wilhite)
Dennis R. Tindall
Judith Todd
Richard J. Vance
Jacqueline R. Vaneman (Schwartz)
Carol L. Vollbracht (Clinkscales)
Robert J. Wetherell
Jeannie Whitehurst
Charles Wickizer
Tucky A. Youngblood
Gene L. Younger

Guest Members

Kenneth Boelte S M N '68 (Cheryl'…
Ronald Burger (S M W)
Trish Damron (Guest Of Ann Sandler)
Suzy Hogg (Feldman S M W)
Coach Jerry Hollembeak (Smn Footba…
Pat Patera (Felton)
Catherine Reed (Green)
Carol Robbins (Church)
Patty Rogers (S M W)