Please consider going to this our FINAL and 60th reunion in either September or October of this year.   Answer the questions honestly.  Give us feedback on this survey in the last comment section.

We would like each of you to respond to the survey, even though I originally said the survey or the email. This survey may give you more information about the reunion.

Both Diane Huddleston Adrian and I, Ann Kirk Sandler have chosen to have the final reunion where we previously had the last two reunions as they were so easy to work with but now they’re more expensive than the other times plus they no longer offer food but instead they have a list of preferred caterers.  Their fees will be $35 each and now they offer snacks. We’ve both asked what those might be but have not heard back at this time.  This venue, for those not at the last reunion there, is very much like a hotel but less costly.  (One or two of you wanted it at a hotel. The rest of you mentioned a restaurant with a side room or something like that.) I was trying for this venue as I felt it was a good match for both types. 

The survey is finally on and will end on March 31. The survey is under 60th and FINAL REUNION.



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1)   * Would you come to our final reunion to be held in September or October possibly on a Sunday afternoon?

Yes No
If you feel today you’re able to come answer YES!
2)   * Knowing where we are trying to have the last reunion, would you be willing to pay for a caterer on top of the $35? This could possibly be approximately $55 total. Yes, this includes the $35 for their fees!

Yes No
If you don’t mind spending approximately $55 for Iron Horse Golf Club then answer YES.
3)   If you’d prefer going to a restaurant that has a separate room for events, please let us know. As we haven’t looked into the restaurants yet, we have no idea what they may charge.

You can share your ideas here.
4)   Comments please.

This survey ended on 03/31/2023.