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•   Steven C. Klein  8/16
•   Charles Emanuel (Emanuel)  8/16
•   Richard G. Hurst  8/15
•   Rocky V. Scott  8/14
•   Robert L. Greenall  8/14
•   Janice L. Maddock (Hummel)  8/14
•   W. Eddie Bondurant  8/5
•   Robert Wittenmyer (Wittenmyer)  8/4
•   Anthony L. Croman  7/29
•   Jane Elizabeth Evans (Burns)  7/24
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Shawnee Mission North Class of 1963


Due to recent inquiries, we are extending the deadline to September 1-  so those of you who are planning to join us, please enter your name on the 55th Reunion Registrations on the left menu and mail your check in.  Only then is your reservation saved!






Please register on here to attend the 55th Reunion then send your check in to the address provided.  Look at the menu on the left sidebar under the Home Page - “55th Reunion registration” and click on that.  You will find two choices to sign up.  Those who have already sent their checks in will find they are signed up for the dinner only. If you also want to go on the school tour, you must sign up for that.  It’s free, but we need a count for the school to know how many will be there.

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Please read:

I spoke briefly with Keith Kelso last night to see if they were coming to our upcoming reunion....only to be shocked. He needs our prayers, best thoughts and wishes....he is facing the "end" at home. May God bless him and family. He said to tell everyone "hello". His new address is: 8600 W. 155th, Overland Park, KS 66223


Tom Bach

Our Truly Missing Classmates - Please help us find them! We will continue to look for these people - please help in this endeavor!

Karen Fabris
Cheryl Jones
Lynette Star Louden
Sandra K. Teter (Wilhite)

HELP!!!  We need to find these folks before the next reunion.  If you have ANY hint as to where we might find the above people, please CONTACT US and let us know!  Possibly you know an email address, their children's names, their workplace (now or earlier), the ladies may have a second (or more) married name - (we do check their maiden names), an old phone number, or last place you remember they lived after high school/college. 


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If you know of someone who hasn't logged onto our new website. . .

they are MISSING! crying  Please make sure they know we are here! 

Of course, logging onto this website does not obligate anyone to come to the reunion, but it gives everyone a chance to contact old friends to see what they have done in the last 55 years!

Give your old SMN friends this information:

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I have added a link below that is automatically configured to use as a "Refer a Friend" program.  Not only is the Class Creator site used for high school classes, but for families and any group that may benefit. If we refer someone to the site and they sign up for Class Creator, a $50 check will be sent to US!!  This is a great way to earn a little extra money and try to keep our cost down for reunions. If you know anyone that could use the service please pass along the information. To receive credit they must use the link below. If they need assistance please use the "Contact Us" button.

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“Finding & Funding Opportunities for the Shawnee Mission North Community”

Please visit their website and learn all the good they do for our Shawnee Mission North students!

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