Hayden Thompson

Profile Updated: August 9, 2023
Residing In: Jacksonville, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: single, I tried to do it several times....LOL
Homepage: www.epgriffin.com
Occupation? If retired, from what profession: semi retired financial exec
Children: kathleen claire 74
heather lynn 76
Military Service: US Navy LT JAGC  
Spouse's Occupation:

that is nancy in my photo, a wonderful person.


Caitlyn 2010
Aurora 2001

Comments: What have you been up to the last 50+ years?

Went to KU, and ATO, graduated business/accounting in 67; on to KU law & graduated in 70; on to US Navy as LT JAGC; then law in Seattle; then real estate development seattle; then stock market work; then biotechnology in 1985 started Elanex Pharmaceuticals based on DNA work that produced an anti anemia drug called EPO or etyrhtorpoietin; sold off company in 2001, and now semi retired and pretty healthy. My plan is to follow the sun, summers in Canada, fall/spring in usa like Las Vegas where i have a home, and then in Australia/NZ where my daughter lives. Two grand daughters. now my song is "I'm just a single guy...."

School Story:

what was my locker combination? and why was it by a stairwell?

What do you do in your spare time?

golf a bit, badly, called FLOG that is Golf backwards; fresh and salt fish light tackle; target practice; some tourist road trips; some sea cruises cross atlantic, med, Caribe, Australia NZ; private pilot for fun; allot of time on internet learning; support charities in the most desparate in Africa like medical teams.

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Aug 09, 2023 at 2:28 PM

hello all my friends. just a little poem recently written by me. on the day we approach that big bridge crossing to the next adventure ahead. we are all headed for that bridge crossing, and i wish you all the best in your journey.

lonely bridge crossing

so we're older and enjoyed our life
maybe a husband or wife
we loved and endured it all
so far no final ending fall

we're happy and healthy
and try to stay that way
we try to keep it so as we go
but a few things you should know

happy is a state of mind
helped by being kind
peace is found in our own grace
here it found it's place

but time rolls on
till for us it's gone
so there must be a further trip
with prayers from our lip

recall on this day
what ol' Nietzsche did say
we all cross that bridge ahead
as worry for us we may face with dread

so we cross that bridge
from this world to next
oh alone we must go
this is a must to know

no family no friends there with us
being alone in this journey is a must
so as we go in wonder love & fear
we just hope our king is near.

That he will meet us on the other side
and forgive us for a life of pride
it's our trust in him that help us go
it's our hope that him we'll know

so continue on till it's nearly done
on the way have a bit of fun
just keep a goin knowin it is true
that crossing comin is alone for you.

Summer 2023
lht... hayden

Mar 20, 2017 at 10:02 PM

a little 'ditty or 'poem'
Changing of the Guard
and Passing the Test

when i was young and still just a kid...
i had forts and bushes where all day i hid..
but now time has passed and i am quite old..
and i think of those days as if those were gold...

back in those days where nothing was bad...
i played with abandon and was never sad..
but those days have changed now with leaves all of umber...
as i walk when i can and the world's still a wonder...

so i try to get out and walk just a bit...
and get some exercise when i don't quit...
but my back is sore, and my legs a bit weak...
and a rosy red glow's no more on my cheek...

as each day comes, one thing i do know...
all my oats o'er the planet did i sow...
i've been down to the ground and felt up to the sky...
and seen it most all having never been shy...

it all comes to us as time it does flow..
when we are the old ones bout ready to go...
now we are the old guard for the young ones behind...
and soon we'll be changin', 'n i really don't mind...

all the ones passed before us did what they could do...
to live their lives fully 'n pass its screts to you..
so we'll do what we have to without any fret...
life's been the best giving us all we could get...

and as a peace settles in as a fall morning dew...
we think of the past and all that we knew...
don't tarry long here with thoughts that do spoil...
as it's just about time to shuffle off the ol' mortal coil...

so i'll wish you the best as this pass we go thru...
after smelling the roses and touching the dew...
i've loved oh so many and have been so blessed...
so i'll just say goodbye... knowing we all passed the test...

Posted: Aug 09, 2023 at 2:24 PM
Posted: Aug 09, 2023 at 2:24 PM
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